Oldtime band with fiddle, banjo, mandolin & guitar
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2013-10-21 10:45:55 UTC
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a (recorded) contemporary group playing oldtime music with this
specific instrumentation (fiddle, banjo, mandolin & guitar)
We have one in Finland (Wasel & the Weasels) featuring Wasel Arar on mandolin.
While I was coaching them on a weekend I scrolled through my iPod for a reference band sound with no luck.
How common/rare is this combination?
I've looked through all my vinyls but haven't found an exact match yet.
When the groups get bigger than four there may be an occasional mandolin

Just curious

Seppo Sillanpää
2013-11-02 04:00:51 UTC
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Try Foghorn Stringband. The instrumentation is exact on their earlier records except added bass. The Weiser Sunrise album should be easy to find to listen to a recording.