Need Lyrics to "Just Plain Folks"
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2016-11-16 03:51:29 UTC
1. To a mansion in the city came a couple old and gray
To meet their son who left them long ago.
He had prospered and grown wealthy since in youth he ran away,
And now his life was one of pomp and show;
But coldly did he greet them, for rich friends were by his side
Who'd often heard him boast of home so grand;
But the old man sadly looked at him and said in modest pride,
As he gently took his dear wife by the hand:

CHORUS: "We are just plain folks, your mother and me,
Just plain folks, like our own folks used to be.
As our presence seems to grieve you,
We'll go away and leave you,
For we're sadly out of place here 'cause we're just plain folks."


2. " 'Tain't so long ago since you were just a simple country lad,
And did the work that country lads should do.
In those days you never looked with shame on mother and old dad.
In fact, my boy, we both were proud of you.
But something must have changed you, for your wealth has brought vain pride.
Still riches sometimes take swift wings, they say.
But you'll always find a hearty welcome at your parents' side.
They'll greet you in the same old loving way."

2016-11-19 07:05:04 UTC
Anybody have lyrics to this song, or know where I might be able to locate
them? Would appreciate any help.
Dave Houser
On the South Slope of Grand Mesa
Cedaredge, Colorado
Doc Watson, banjo king of the carolinas, did it,too