Weems String Band
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2014-09-29 20:50:40 UTC
Hi Sam,

My great grandfather is Dick Weems (Dickson Augustus Weems) was his full name and he was part of the String Band. My grandfather is his youngest Son, My uncle still has Dicks original fiddle, I dot know that my Aunt owns all the musical rights to their music and I am sure that if a CD is being put together she would know something about it. If I can send you any of that information please feel free to send me an email at ***@me.com.

2017-06-16 00:25:28 UTC
I found a link to a recording of the string band playing a tune I known called Rickett's Hornpipe. They are listed as the recorded band and the tune sounds exactly like the Weems String Band. I'm curious why people say there were only two tunes recorded if this tune was also found.
Email is ***@gmail.com
I'm very curious about this band