Bristol Sessions/Bear Family set report, WS Journal
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Barry M.
2011-04-08 13:16:59 UTC
You can find it here:


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Joseph Scott
2011-04-21 07:24:18 UTC
Post by Barry M.
Thanks. Glad this is out.

"[...] But listening to the set makes it clear that the sessions did
not focus primarily on preserving what had come before. They were
about sparking the popularization of American roots music—the infusion
of what some call 'folk' music into mainstream pop.[...]"

What did selling records of old-time music to fans of old-time music
have to do with infusing old-time music into mainstream pop?

"[...] The new Bear Family set will no doubt be a boon to Bristol's
understandable promotion of itself as 'The Birthplace of Country

Why is that billing understandable? Were the Skillet-Lickers records
that sold in the hundreds of thousands before this not country music?

Joseph Scott