Hickory Wind
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2015-05-11 16:16:45 UTC
I ahve one albumn "At the wednesday Night Waltz". It is on vinly Adelphi 2002.
Bob Shank on hammered dulcimer
Sam Morgan mandolin
Glen McCarthy bass
Pete Tenney fiddle
Mark Walbridge guitar
I also have a Hickory Wind album "Fresh Produce", released a year or so after the "Wednesday Night Waltz" album. I bought it the day after I saw them in concert with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at Florida State University, I think in 1977. I loved the hammered dulcimer -- never saw / heard it before. They were GREAT!!
2015-05-12 17:26:45 UTC
Anybody ever hear of Hickory Wind? They were an OT band that
played at my college a few times back in the 1970s. I have a
couple of their albums on vinyl and tape, but I was wondering if
they might now be available on CD?
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Hickory Wind (the group) still gets together occasionally and has recently released a CD of unreleased material from live shows and studio recordings. We played twice this month! Look for us on CD Baby. The post about Claire Lynch is interesting. We played a show in Birmingham and met Claire and her Hickory Wind band. That is when they changed their name to the Front Porch String Band. She is great. I have a new recording of my current music, Don't Worry About the Moon, also on iTunes and CDBaby. The 70's recordings have only been release on CD in Japan. Bob Shank