Earl Scruggs R.I.Party
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David Dalton
2012-03-29 23:10:47 UTC
Did any of you ever hear Earl Scruggs play live?
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2012-03-31 21:16:23 UTC
Post by David Dalton
Did any of you ever hear Earl Scruggs play live?
Yes, wife and I traveled to Lancaster Pa. about 6-8 years ago when Earl
& family played at the American Music Theater there.
It was a wonderful experience, one I will forever cherish, even tho I
was not a devout fan of Earl's...( I did not like Elvis either)
My form of banjo music is more mellower, as (in my opinion) a great old
time player once stated "the banjo was made to be played softly and
gently" That man was Hobart Crabtree from Big Stone Gap VA.
Hobart's not with us any more, however in my opinion his music will live
forever, in my heart anyway.
Hobart made 2 CDs back in the 90s that are precious for anyone who plays
old time...